Marine surveys platform


  • Delphis is an application for conducting marine surveys: Collect sighting data of primary and secondary species encountered, environmental data and other relevant information, as well as accurately record course travelled.

  • Delphis tries to give as much data we can to the researchers while in the same time makes the survey and data collection easy, hassle-free and accurate.
    We're constantly experimenting with new features aimed to provide useful information, enrich the data, reduce errors or in general, benefit the research or researchers.


  • Some of our design goals are

    • Accurate and consistent information

    • Data integrity

    • Ease of use

    • Extremely low (read: zero) TCO

    • Interoperability by design

  • Delphis can export data to JSON, CSV as well as KML.

  • Delphis is production ready yet constantly-progressing.
    Delphis currently supports Android devices.


  • Delphis is being develop voluntarily by IMMRAC for the benefit of the Marine Mammal Research Community

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Rich data support

Delphis generate CSV, KML and JSON files. KML files can be worked on with any KML supported software (Google Earth, ArcGIS, etc)