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Risk to an organisation stems from wide range of threats:
From insider threat to external threat, physical or virtual.
The threat is not even necessarily clear at first site, organisations not always truly and honestly realizing their full
potentials in the eye of an attacker.

There for it is important to tailor the risk assessment to the specific organisation.

When conducting a risk assessment we consider the organisation, it's culture, assets, infrastructures (both physical and digital) and everything in between.
We balance risk, compliance, budgets, assets, people and other factor yielding an effective risk assessment which is tailored for the said organisation.
Our reports are unique and address the very core of our client security posture.

Risk Assessments


Staggering amount of attacks originates from an employee action. This is not limited just to an unsuspecting junior-level newbie,

C-Suite are often times the target of sophisticated, well-planned, well-carried attacks which results in a severe breach to an organisation. Such a breach bares not only significant financial losses but also reputation damages, legal complications, compliance and liability problems and much much more).

Educating employees is key factor in the overall security posture, but effective educational program is hard to perform. It is even harder to maintain over the course time.

We develop security educational and awareness programs.

These involves both digital/virtual security as well as physical security of the said organisation.

We take into account culture, structure, domain, varying skill levels and different roles employees have.

We've develop educational frameworks and implementations routines to effectively introduce and maintain higher security practices within small organisations as well as extremely large complex enterprises.

Educational Programs


Technology is progressing fast, too fast often.
The values, hidden costs, risks and benifits of different technology components are often times not immediately clear.


We provide consultancy where a clearer view and deeper inspection of the odds and ends of given technology is required.
This ranges from assisting in decision making as to which product in a given domain would be optimal to an organisation needs, what technology stack would be more suitable given different criteria, how to properly address the introduction of new technology breed (e.g Cloud services) into one's organisation and so forth.

Be it enterprise-grade IT infrastructure, experimental IOT technology, cloud services, software development, security oriented appliance, autonomous drones, medical devices, physical security components, and quite a lot more, our experience in multitude of paradigms enable us to provide sane, clear and insightful analysis to better assist decision making

Emerging Technologies


Strategic decision making is becoming increasingly hard.
The risks and threats aren't always apparent. Technology, legislation, compliance, all are changing, different agendas come to play, information is often sparse, inaccurate or presented in biased ways. 

We offer clear, concise unbiased advisory to high level executives (C-suite, boards of directors, etc) on wide range of technology-related topics to enable decision makers with their directives.

Private Consulting


Prevention is only part of an organisation's resilience, acting under an emergency situation is critical to almost any organisation.

Responding and working under an emergency is not jut an IT challenge, it requires careful planning and execution from many different sections (IT, HR, PR, Support, etc) all acting together.

We build readiness plans which capture the organisation's domain, culture, challenges and other metrics, we train and exercise all parties involved, we invest in periodic exercises, refinement and reassessment of the plan to reflect external and internal changes that might occur over time.

Emergency Response

IT/DEV Consultancy

IT/DEV Consultancy

We are highly trained professionals, well versed in multiple fields of IT and Dev paradigms, with special insight and care towards security.
We offer consultancy, principle prototyping, validation and other services organization may require in these areas.

Special Services

Professional Recruiting

Hiring new employees is one of the biggest, riskiest yet utmost important investment a business is making.

It is crucial for any business hiring to any position to find the best person with the correct skill, attitude, personalty and so forth.

Being in the forefront of recruiting and vetting employees for multitude of organizations as well as government agencies, we gained extensive and valuable experience in fulfilling this task



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