Marine surveys platform


  • Delphis is an application for conducting marine surveys: Collect sighting data of primary and secondary species encountered, environmental data and other relevant information, as well as accurately record course travelled.

  • Delphis tries to give as much data we can to the researchers while in the same time makes the survey and data collection easy, hassle-free and accurate.
    We're constantly experimenting with new features aimed to provide useful information, enrich the data, reduce errors or in general, benefit the research or researchers.


  • Some of our design goals are

    • Accurate and consistent information

    • Data integrity

    • Ease of use

    • Extremely low (read: zero) TCO

    • Interoperability by design

  • Delphis can export data to JSON, CSV as well as KML.

  • Delphis is production ready yet constantly-progressing.
    Delphis currently supports Android devices.


  • Delphis is being develop voluntarily by IMMRAC for the benefit of the Marine Mammal Research Community

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Main Screen

Main Delphis Screen. HUD on the bottom, above them are main reporting controls, media controls on the left. Also on the left are distance from shore, distance from home point and map scale.